old school kwaito

Anyone with thoughts, ideas or know where to find old school kwaito material please feel free to share here.

Notable spots for old School Kwaito:

  • Reliable Music Jeppestown, Johannesburg (mostly on tape)
  • Dakota (Jeppe Street – between Rissik and Joubert, Johannesburg)
  • Dakota (Polokwane CBD)



17 thoughts on “old school kwaito

  1. Hi guys please help, I’ve been searching for so long , for tracks from the following legends of all times , specifically for my collection mixmaster, LA beat, groove city , LM Jam ,Mob House, your help will be very appreciated, please!!!

  2. Hi guys please help,I’ve been searching for the tracks:going around in circle,boss of the road,sekele ok. Please

  3. Hi guys. i am really in need of 2 songs, Skizo – Cream (hellrazor mix) i hope i am right but those who know the album, the track plays after – O Mamele. and the other one is called Palamente.. not sure about the artist but the track simply says Epalamente, isghubu siya khala mane. pls pls pls

    • Sekunjalo
      2 Fokoi
      3 Tshasa (Feat. Thebe)
      4 Achoo Mama Yo
      5 Zingila Zwakala
      6 Sekunjalo (Instrumental)
      7 O Mamele
      8 Cream (Hellrazor Mix)
      9 Cum With Me (The Spunky Hellrazor Mix)
      10 I Believe (Feat. Lillo & Trouble-T)
      11 O Mamele (Instrumental Club Mix)
      12 Zingila For The Instrumental
      13 Tshasa ’98 (Feat. M’du)
      I have the disc but it does not wanna play,too many scratches

  4. Where to download old Skool import remixes and mix from 90 to 1995 such as mob city, mob house, house city, big jam, dance city, hip hits and many more

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