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Ancient to Future said something nice about me:

… This homage to pianist MOSES TAIWA MOLELEKWA on Soundcloud came to me via the very excellent Chimurenga crew and it has been created by a most interesting Jo’burg DJ and cultural activist, Mma Tseleng […] The death of Moses Molelekwa was tragedy and I give thanx to Mma for offering us this inspiring selection of music. Listen and enjoy …

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One of the best offerings by a Kwaito cat, Mdu’ s Let Mdu Jam The Other Side (1998).


Hier ke lahlile side, moer! Pelo e ya baba, kudu. Mara go tla loka.

5 April 2013


Flash review

King of Kwaito Uyagawula (1996) by Brothers of Peace is an album that put on wax the first record label war in Kwaito. It was raw, angry and direct. One of the most lyrically rich Kwaito track of the 90’s. Listen to the track here.

Kalawa Jazmee took a bold position to claim the pioneer crown

Okapi clocked at the then media-anointed ‘King of Kwaito’, Arthur Mafokate, the title track sounds like a Kalawa mob justice via Yizo Yizo’s Mr. Nyathi street union. The disses are point blank, wordplay clever as ever. Then Oscar goes to list Arthur in the shout outs and declaim ‘Unity as Strength’. Its no surprise Kalawa still rules, and evolved without (too much) sweat over the years. Yet, isn’t it ironic that such a powerful offering was talking to Mr. Soweto? The first Kwaito cat to confront racism in song, unTRC nogal? On the eve of the Rainbow Nation chorus? I will be exploring this take in the text for the Ten Cities project, the home page will mainstream.


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