Zamalek – Beers of Our Lives

A roll-call of music concepts on drinking & dancing and singing about dancing & drinking in South African music people dance to, then and now. SA artists have over the years offered big jams on intoxication, taking some interesting perspectives on the presence of beer in our life, from political repression (Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s 80’s jam) to the politics of music itself (marabi genre of the 20’s).


In no particular order:

  1. 6 Pack – Cndo ft Big Nuz /DJ Tira /DJ Cleo/Professor
  2. Yvonne Chaka Chaka – Umqombothi
  3. Sweety Lavo – Trompies
  4. Egoli – Brothers of Peace
  5. The Brother Moves On – Dagiwe
  6. The Brother Moves On – Babalaas
  7. Shwela Jwaleng – Makhendlas
  8. Jolas – Thebe
  9. Via Orlando – Vetkuk vs Mahoota
  10. U Dakwa Njalo – Mafikizolo
  11. Utshwala Begazati (Shared Beer) – Amaswazi Emvelo And Mahlathini
  12. Tlabalala (Home Brewed Beer) – Philip Tabane
  13. Madlamini – Boom Shaka
  14. Zamalek – Mob Club Masters
  15. Mafikizolo – U Dakwa Njalo
  16. Dorothy Masuka – Hoelele
  17. Lunga – Give us to more beers
  18. Brewery – Tsamanyalo (more details soon)
  19. Spokes H – He ba nwele cider (From ‘Shwashwi’, 2002)
  20. Spokes H – Ibhabhalazi (From ‘Tamatie ‘So”, 1987)
  21. Kwesta – Ngud (From ?? 2016?)
  22. Miriam Makeba – Ibhabhalaz (2006, live)

Looking for more, I know this is not exhaustive at all, please help with the list.

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